All Fucked Up
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2002-06-03 19:24:18 (UTC)

Learning How To Merge: Up Till Four

I had the wonderful benediction last night of speaking to
an amazingly brilliant author who just also happens to be
Mr. Rechy's biographer. We spoke for at least four hours
right up to four in the fuckin' morning, exchanging our
deeply felt affinities for Mr. Rechy as well as our own
personal accounts w/him. This writer that I spoke to last
night, whom I will here refer to as Charlie, was a very
kind individual whom I hope to see more of, as we seemed to
hit it off right on the spot and had much in common. Like
me, he initially read City of Night while as a kid, and it
too, has also left an intense impact on him

Charlie told of how, as a kid, he'd enter bars and stare at
people, wondering hopefully if they were our beloved
hustling red headed writer himself. In exchange, I told him
of how everytime I haunt Venice, I go searching for Mr.
Rechy in a desperate attempt of merging. Did you know that
people, on the infinite sprawl of freeways here are afraid
to merge? I also told of how as a kid, whenever dad drove
past Pershing Square in downtown Angels I'd literally jump
out of the car for reasons that only fans of Mr. Rechy
would understand and have compassion over. "What the fuck
you think you're doing?" dad would ask, quite unsympathetic
to my endeavors, rather thinking that I was attempting
suicide....I think. "Going to find Miss Destiny Dolly
Dane!" I'd reply back, my stomach all wrapped in flutters
of excitement. "Who?!"

"Dolly Dane was an actual character!" Charlie remarked
back, adding to the excitement of such a character that has
been coiled w/in me since the age of 12, "One of the first
males to officially turn female." "Congratulations for
her", I responded, really meaning it too. Hell, if a person
wants to change their gender, why the fuck not? And if a
person so wishes to so, but go moan for man and
report yourself back unabashed and unappologetic