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2001-06-15 00:53:19 (UTC)

sandra again.

i am not mad anymore.
ive let go of all the anger.
now...i am just sad.
i feel like such a child.
but i dont understand.
how you could have been so mean.
to me.
why did you tell me that you loved me.
why did you talk of marriage.
why did you say these things.
if you didnt mean them.
how could you be so cruel.
to me.
we spent everyday together.
we shareded our deepest secrets.
we never had sex.
we made love everytime.
even the last time.
you wiped my tears.
i held your hand.
if you needed something different.
needed more than what i cuold give you.
why did you have to do it this way.
why did you have to hurt me.
cant you understand that, that is the reason i flipped out.
you hurt me in more ways than i will ever be able to
express to you.
it wasnt that you didnt want me anymore.
that wasnt what made me crazy.
it was the fact that you were so apathetic.
so unsensitive towards my feelings.
and honestly.
you have scarred me.
for the remainder of my life.
i just wish that you could understand.
i do not think you are a bad person.
how could i love a bad person...
i just wish for understanding.
after everything you took from me.
cant you at least give me that.
so i can finally have closure.

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