Disturbed lil' kittie...
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2002-06-03 18:40:36 (UTC)


I'm not in the best mood at this particular moment... I
have to re-write a 12 page report because my damn teacher
lost it...... UH! Then last night people weren't being
themselves which was not good! He was totally being an
asswhole for a reason that was and still isnt apparent to
me! But oh well i guess. Im not sure why Brandon is mad at
me but ill found out..i think! LOL .... He wasnt at all
like he usually is he isnt a jerk...i didnt think so at
least but i dont know....... And top it off my girlfriend
is a lil i dunno.... Theres something up with her too that
i cant quite figure out yet either but i cant be mad at her
shes too cute ! :) hee hee Come to think of things i think
a lot of people have issues latley...thats not good! That
means that its probally me with the damn problem! Uh.....
Plus Chrissy is acting like a bitch and a fucking
hypocrite.. She claims she doesnt like preps and that she
isnt one but yet she hangs out wit them and acts and
dresses like one. OK if you are you are fine....... i dont exactly
like preps but i can deal with SOME of em it depends some
of the one who dress like em are conceited but actually
nice :) Like this girl Amanda.. I wanna go to the super
joint ritual concert really BAD!!!!! I hope i can get
too... Ill have to see i guess i doubt i can but hey an
dream :) well im gonna go now im gonna call ruby i
miss her and her voice :) mmmm hee hee Laterz......

- Kittie