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2001-06-15 00:37:22 (UTC)

Dads Rampage (sorry Ladies)

She tried to make me feel sorry for the guests. She
wanted to make me well up with empathy. She thought the
subject matter would touch the viewer’s hearts. It didn’t.
I had taken the day off to spend with the kids. I felt
that I hadn’t been paying as much attention to them as I
should. So, I took a Personal Day, packed up a picnic, and
drove to the park.
We arrived at 10:00 AM. The kids and I swam and played all
day. We ate our sandwiches and simply enjoyed our time. So
much so, it almost pained us to return home.
Once there the hustle-and-bustle of daily life quickly
returned. I changed the kids into clean dry clothes,
started a load of laundry and began to cook dinner. I
noticed it was 4:00 PM. “Lets see what Oprah’s doing” I
thought. So I flipped on the television.
Her intro: A Fathers Day Special with A Twist.
The men on the show we’re all “Stay At Home” Dads. All
of them were married, financially secure and whining about
how tough their lives were. This probably wouldn’t have
bothered me so badly, but Oprah kept asking them “Are there
any single guys like you out there?” I Bolted a response
from my kitchen “Yeah, but we’re to busy working to bitch
about a sore back.”
Then that guy. The one who just killed me spoke “I’m so sensitive
now, that I cry watching TV commercials...”
“Oh my God!” I screamed. “Who do you think you are? You
poor thing crying over television, when some cry because we
can’t get the baby’s fever down; When there is no wife to
turn to; When there is no one to give you a break at the
end of the day.” Then I went on my rampage “ Who the hell
does she think she is giving that man a free massage every
month for a full year. Simply because his back hurts from
holding his child? Your married asshole...give the baby to
your wife! Arrrrrrrg!!!”
“Try working 8 to 10 hours a day, six days a week. While
going to school twice a week, cooking, cleaning, doing
laundry trying not to forget to bath the kids at the end of
the day. Have you ever stayed up at night listening to the
sniffles and coughs coming from the baby’s room? Have you
ever held your daughter when she woke up crying because
mommy never came home? Have you? Try doing it on your own, try
doing without the love of another adult to comfort you! Try that Mr.
Sensitive. Have you tried that?"
No, I don’t suppose he has. But he’s a veteran deserving
of praise. Deserving simply because, he’s doing the job a
father should do. Well, I solute you gentlemen.
Absolutely, because without you what the hell would guys
like me do.