Steva's Life
2002-06-03 15:17:31 (UTC)


Well here i am in cleveland on my last day, I got to see
everyone that i met on my pror Trips here and mainly i got
to see lili, She had invited me out becuase i needed a
vacation witch was really sweet of her, then she yelled at
me becuase i hadent updated this in a long time. So now
that is what i'm doing, she is asleep and i'm alone in the
room and i thought that i'd update this ;-)

One thing that has been happening to me latly is that i've
been right alot, Like my friend was here at school, He
had met someone that he liked and they could only be
together for a short time they got to deep and i said that
it would have to end pror to you leaving or eles you'd be
hert, And so he didn't cut it off it kept going till the
last couple of days that he was there, then he went home
and he was really upset and missing him so much and then he
came to me and he said "You were right" I felt special, ;-)

Poor lili her head herts :-( :-( :-(

But i UPDATED MY DIARY hahahahahaha lili!!!

Also i sent out a great e-mail yesterday and it was
exciting we were ordering pizza and they told us 45 mins to
an hour witch is obserd for 1 large pizza??? So i sent out
an e-mail bitching about that and saying really funky
things and then my friend amanda e-mailed me saying "You've
got to be High" and i was like no... Unfortunetly ;-P

I just want to say that lili is hot!

I can't beleave that i'm leaving today to go back to
dredful NH, I can't wait to move to NY Its going to be
great, Lili and friends are supposed to come visit if her
car gets better :-/ Its broken...

yey Lili's awake :-D haha

I can't beleave that my audison is on saturday, Its coming
up so fast... I hope i get in for the first show, becuase
i have a really fucked up summer, and i can only do the
first show, Witch from what i've herd no one from the past
summers are audisoning so i might have a good chance of
getting in. So cross your fingers for me, if you want to
know if i got in then e-mail me, and if you don't have my
e-mail address then i must not know you :-P

Also my friend rachel who is rooming with lili is supposed
to be moving to Washington to go to Grad school so i hope
she does becuase then she can come visit me in ny witch
would be great because i really enjoy her :-D She's a
great person, I also got to meet some other great people
and i hope to keep in touch with them over the time that
i'm in NH and NY and hope they'll all come visit :-D

Lili's computer just made really funky noises???? AHHH!!!

Don't ask i'm going insaine "as most of you are thinking to
your self right now, Going i thought you went?"

Jeff is mean .... He doesent like me no more :-( ... :-P

There goes lili's computer again..

well i'm getting off... I'll write more later maybe if your
lucky ;-)