~*Monster Kitty*~

~*Stumbling Through Life*~
2001-06-14 23:53:25 (UTC)

Cleaning for the Soul

I am cleaning my room at the moment-its going very well. I
got rid of my locker and my desk-I have no money so I am
trying to find a desk that costs....nothing, I guess. I get
paid tomorrow, but Im only teaching one class, so its not
very much....oh well!
I guess that whenever my life is somewhat complicated, or
whenever I am unhappy with the way my life is, I clean my
room. Its kind of weird, really. I have had an awful school
year, and I have done A LOT of of cleaning and reorganizing
this past year(AKA Spencer and Jade and Leigh and Liana and
all my shit, etc...)
And, as I wrote to you earlier, I am becoming a couch
potato. So the day I decided to change that, I did 50
crunches, then cleaned the house. Then, the next day I
cleaned my room. And I mean CLEANED! I took all of my stuff
out of my room, and put it in the hallway, then
disconnected my computer and phone, and stereo (all my
wired things) and cleaned them, and rearranged them. I also
got a new bed!
So I am feeling very organized, clarified and clear minded
now that my room is cleaned, lol!

I got to go finish.
Peace Love & Unity
Love, ~*Lily*~