Visions Of Life
2002-06-03 14:00:17 (UTC)

Somebody Kill Me

I cant take any more of this bullshit. I wish i knew whesre
a railroad track was... I should cut myself but if Im wrong
then ill regret hurting myself but if im right, i will
slash the fuck out of myself, just for spite. Im so
exhausted and cant sleep cuz im so worried and so angry. I
dont know if i should cry or scream. I nesed to go look for
a job sometime today. I have circles around my eyes from
lack of sleep. God mother fucking damnit. I hate my mother
fucking life. How can i be so happy one day and the next
day feel like everything is a lie. God damn, why dont i
have the nerve to die? Why cant everyone just leave me
alone so i can die in peace without being told im needed
and wanted and all that fucking bullshit. I hate
everything... I gave up 3 blades. I have 2 hidden... God
how i need to hurt myseslf, just for revenge... I should
just stop caring.. That would make life so much easier..