Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2002-06-03 09:18:56 (UTC)

Can't seem to shake.....

Well, I guess I can't seem to shake the brief periods of
passion and indifference.........It is as though, after
gaining much insight from Campbell, that I have utterly and
fascinatingly cut the real world, the physical world, out
of my mind, and find that it is only the inner world, the
spiritual one, that gives me true joy...... Jesus says
this over and over again in his talk....and it's true!
But, I can become addicted to my state of constant bliss,
and never move from my point of rapture, but in the
meantime, every invisible construct that I have put
together to shelter us from poverty in the physical world
has either fallen apart, or is in the process of
deteriorating..... It is as though I am truly an artist of
some sort, living within my expression, but ultimately
destined to be poor....
Now, it isn't my intention to become poor, but when
you cut out all that crap that has everything to do with
the artificiality of living within your means, you have
excised a cancer that was spreading over your soul, ready
to take over and annihilate it!
Soul, Good. Money, Bad!

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