Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2002-06-03 08:58:15 (UTC)

Well, I can't figure out why in the hell....

Well, I can't figure out why in the hell....that stupid
other journal site won't load here I am,
again, in all my radiant glory, or in my black enshrouded
abhorrence, whichever way you want to look at me...... :)

I just wanted to remark that, gosh, you know, the internet,
to me, is like a temple. And my computer, is the
entranceway. Cool, huh?

On a more painfully personal note, again things are in
motion, within my head, within my heart, and also within my
physical environment.....and it's times like these that I
live for, to revel in the whole excitement of it all, to
feel the rapture of living, where my inner world and my
outer world are in, been reading
too much of Campbell.........and so should you, everything
that comes out of his mouth speaks volumes.........

Random passage.......

MOYERS: Why haven't the priests become the shamans of
American society?

CAMPBELL: The difference between a priest and a shaman is
that the priest is a functionary and the shaman is someone
who has had an experience. In our tradition it is the monk
who seeks the experience, while the priest is the one who
has studied to serve the community.