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2001-06-14 22:46:00 (UTC)

(no subject)

okay yesterday my birthday...chris got my a gold braclet
vewwy pwetty! but we got into a fight i cried soo much on
my birthday and considering the fact that my
greatgrandfather is sick it made it worse. the weekened was
fun i sept alot of time with chris but sunday we got into a
huge fight i cried alot that day too. today we go out early
from school so since no one knew i went home early i went
out with liz.. i got my pager today. oh yea i went to
jose's house where chris was there we got into like a weird
fight, it wasnet like a fight but he just said something
that got me mad i came home with my eyes all watery. i have
to talk to him but i will later, i need to soo badly. he
dosent know how much i care about him. i want him to be
happy. i want us to be happy. i need him he makes me feel
so happy and everytime i hang up the phone im all giddy and
happy. i think of him so much when im not with him. every
time he talks i just want to melt. he is soo sweet. if
anyone can relate to me please reply cuz i wanna know IS
THIS LOVE?? i heard that jennifer lopez song from her old
cd and it makes me think.. could it really be love?? i dont
know i just hope everything work out. i just want me to be
happy with him. well g2g

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