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2002-06-03 06:30:46 (UTC)

I talked to Dave a little..

I talked to Dave a little tonight. Not very much though.
I kinda wish we'd talked more. I seriously want to know
what he was thinking on Friday night. Cal said he was
cursing before bed like he was mad at himself for letting
things go as far as they did.

I wanted to let him know that I am happy about everything
that happened. It was such a nice evening. I would love
to have another day like that with him. I guess it's
because we've talked so much online, but it was so easy to
talk with him about anything. I didn't have to go through
the akward phase of "is what I'm going to say really
stupid?" I usually go through something like that first.

I know at his new place his computer is not in the same
room as the tv so he was away for a large portion of
today. I had wanted to kinda talk about Friday, but that
can wait for tomorrow or Tuesday night. After that I go
home and won't have much of a chance to chat with him. I
do have AIM there, but I'll probably be out with John and
the guys a fair amount.

I'm planning on buying some 151 and some Bacardi Orange to
take to Dave's place when he finally throws a party. Rum
was our drink of choice on Friday. There was a little bit
left in the bottle, like an inch or so. I reached for it
and he made me share it. It was funny. It was even
funnier when I was drunk.

Today I mentioned I was feeling down. Dave talked me into
going for a walk. I went and got food. He was watching
the Lakers/Kings game. The Kings lost. I was mad. Not
that I watch or follow basketball, but we saw a bit of the
game at the Tav on Friday. Dave was cheering for the

A part of me wants to get drunk with him again. I want to
see where it could go. I want to know what the next step
would be. The only way I can see that happening is if we
get together over the summer. I doubt that could happen.
My folks might wonder if I went out with him alone. Also
they might blab to John about it on accident. I couldn't
tell them that I was kinda sneaking around and not telling
John about it.

I just have to believe that in time things will work out.
I mean I will get my chance to get drunk with Dave again,
I just don't know when. I will be able to do it without
John know or anyone who would possibly tell him.

If Dave does throw a party I want to get smashed at it.
Just to gage John's reaction. I mean I know he isn't into
me drinking much, but I want to test how he feels on that
subject. Plus I want to be able to let loose with all of
my friends around. Only time will tell I guess.

I need to remember to ask Dave when he is available so we
can move that table he said he has at his parents place.
Too bad if I drive I can't drink. Unless we stayed late
at his place. I don't think John would go for that. I am
sure John would come with me to get the table. For as ok
as he seems about me and Dave being friends he sure brings
up the idea that I'd leave him for Dave a fair amount.

Oh well. I have a test tomorrow. I have not memorized my
slides yet. I'll try to do that when I go to bed. Right
now I just want my one last test to be over so I can focus
on going home and getting out of here!