~*~Scrolls of Insanity~*~
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2002-06-03 06:08:57 (UTC)

I'm baaaaaack!

Where have I been all this time you ask? Living a pretty
good life! Yes, I have had some good things happen. Mainly
my boyfriend Steven. We are going on 2 months together and
things couldn't be better! I've fallen in love with Weezer
all over again! lol! Also, I managed to pass honors
english! THANK GOD!! Never again will i have to go through
the torture i went through in that class!
creative juices have been flowing. I knocked off about 3
new poems and started a new book (based on the screenplay).
The book is on a break...but I entered the poems in a
contest. I NEED CASH! Hmmmm..what else is going on?
Gee...I thought I had a lot of great things to say! I
ALWAYS DO! Maybe I can't think straight...after all...It's

What I'm I doing awake?!?


Well...I'm gonna start writing more often! See ya laters!
In the words of John Leguizamo "Love, Peace, and Chicken

~Christine~ (the director)

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