2002-06-03 06:06:02 (UTC)

God must be a woman....

I am not normally one to laugh at other people's
misfortunes... but HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You stupid fucker you
damn well deserve it.
I think the universe is sort of almost maybe getting back
at him for being such a shitty person. A few days after he
dumped me, someone stole his wallet (right after he got
paid too).
Then apparently last weekend he was out with a friend and
they decided to put some pennies on the train tracks for
fun then went out. He had to go home early, when his
parents called and told him to get his ass home cuz the
police were there looking for him!!! He got caught on a
video camera putting the pennies on the tracks and they
gave him a $150.00 fine!!! LOL he got caught for something
so friggin stupid! :)
So yeah he's a pathetic excuse for a person, his friends
talk about him behind his back cuz they think he's an
asshole for what he did to me, someone steals his wallet,
then the cops catch him doing something totally stupid and
small and gave it to him :P they almost fined him $1000 cuz
they thought he peeled out of the parking lot too but I
guess they didn't end up doing that. Too bad. I would have
laughed my ass off at him. I guess with all the misfortune
he's been running across lately it must be awful hard for
him to buy his drugs... poor

so i talked to my friends too about the whole lying to me
thing and nothing has really been resolved about that in
the sense that i still think that i was deliberately not
being told about it, but i dunno. I guess I'm not really
going to pursue it any farther cuz it's just not worth it.

we went out crusing with my sister today and it was lots of
fun. we yelled at some guys and stuff and it was fun but
embarassing cuz i think we ended up scaring most of them
away. :P ah well. I don't need another one of THOSE kind of
guys anyway. Because of my mother and aunt's constant
prodding I've sort of started to believe that this guy
who's related to my aunt (but NOT to me ... NOT related to
me let's get that clear) is really like my soul mate. Ok
well I'm not actually SERIOUSLY believing he's my soul mate
but for the time being he certainly seems like the best
thing out there. He's cute, going to medical school, and
very nice to his grandmother. So hey, any guy who kisses
his grandmother goodbye has to be decent right? I think the
fact that the day I met him (well i'd met him before but
years and years ago) he was being all nice to me and
everything and just seemed a lot better than my ex who was
sitll my boyfriend at the time... and i felt kind of badly
for actually making a point of not mentioning my boyfriend
in front of him... but it turns out that my boyfriend was
actually out getting high at that exact moment in time
anyways, so hey. How much clearer does it have to be?? We
just have to compare and contrast the two and we've got a
clear answer here. Go after him. well ok, that's probably
pretty stupid. I'm not seriously stalking him or anything.
He's just a nice guy who I will probably not see again for
another 7 years. But it's nice to dream. I may as well
delude myself into thinking that one day I will have a nice
healthy relationship with a guy who
1) actually LIKES me
2) respects me
3) treats me good
so that way as I date all the frikkin turkeys in the damn
province I will at least not lose all hope and just turn
into a lesbian or take a vow of celibacy... I will always
cling to that faint hope. Even though with edvery guy I
date that looks less and less likely.