2002-06-03 05:16:24 (UTC)

im feelin nervous, trying to be so perfect...

cus i know youre worth it, youre worth it...

yeah... it was a good day=) i laid out and talked to mom
for awhile.. that was good.. and then i went for fondue
with christina and ash.. it was really was like $90
but it was lots of fun and and really cool place.. the
waiter was a cutie.. then we went to dennys and met dawn,
and chaz and robin came YAY for that!! and sandy, mattie
and this new guy, tim. yay. i worked on my revelling-
adrienne-book... that was good.. i fucking love robin and
chaz. im so happy with them and my self-esteem just sky
rockets.. cus robins always like "youre so hot" and they
just are so good to me... and all touchy and stuf huggy and
kissy and happy.. im making a im-a-huge-loser..todd-cd...
wow if i dont grow out of this nerdy phase soon im guna
die.. its funny. i come off as such a bitchy ho.. but
really im just a dork. awww ashleighs like "tonight was so
much fun i really love chilling with you" thats so cute...
see why have i been with fucking matthew all these years
when theres people who DONT make me want to hang myself in
the shower.. i fucking hate him so much sometimes.. like
now.. he knew i needed him last week and where was he? off
fucking his little teenybopper girlfriend ho bag cus shes
too stupid to tell he doesnt even KNOW what to do with it
ughhhh im done talking about him.. 3 years of my life. i
hate him. i think hes really fucked me up and now im
putting all this effort into trying to fix it.. anyway...
back to nerdy happiness... maybe bed.