No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-06-03 05:01:26 (UTC)

a lot has happened a lot has happened tonight. First off, I finally got
a chance to talk to Nick. He was really tired so we really
didn't talk...oh well. He'll get my letter.
The whole thing in I think my last enrtry with that friend
and his mom is cleared up now.
Well, I have written at least one entry that includes
something about me knowing that I am talked about by Tricia
and Matt on the phone. Matt was going to come over today
but got home way to late. So, he called. We talked for a
while, then he said he had to ask tricia something really
quick. I knew it had to have been about whatever I don't
know so I handed her the phone and went in my room and lt
them talk. I took all my jewlery off and put comfotable
clothes (always pj's) on and then she walked back in. I
talked to Matt for about 10-15 minutes before his mom had
him get off the phone. About 30 minutes after we got off
the phone Tricia asked me if he told me. I have been going
crazy about what they are hiding from me since I found out.
If I would have known he was going to ask me I would have
asked him what he needed to tell me. GRRR! It wasn't great
at all.
I made this little online quiz thing for my friends. Just
to see how much they pay attention...I really dont care.
It's just interesting. It's in my buddy profile for AIM
(redstarifsh2...thats my screen name) if you want to take
it and I didn't send it to you. You can also reply to m
diary and I'll send it to you.
My AIM isn't working and it is seriosuly pissing me off.
I've been trying to get back on for 30'll work
soon...I know it will.
*hug* thats for Jessica.

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