The Days in My Life...
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2002-06-03 03:51:57 (UTC)

Boy am I slack.... (Man..we play a lot of "[email protected]#K UP")

Ok Ok...soo I havn't been keepin this updated... there's a
good reason for that..I've been extremely busy doin
nothing :-)

So I'll try and sum up the last month.

Margery came out for 2 days, in that space of time, we saw
a beluga whale, had Bob's (ALL HAIL), watched Transformers
The Movie, saw the scenery of the Coast and the Valley and

Bruce came home. My cousin Amanda, who I havn't seen in 5
years, came home.So me and Amanda went to the club thursday
and friday. Kelly (who also came home) and Roxanne came
down for a bit on friday. And the 4 of us went to the movie
on sat (The Scorpian King, not good). After Amanda and I
went to Candice's for her bday. for the rest of the week we
just hung out.
That weekend Cyn came home so I had people in on both
friday and sat nites. Friday nite it was Me, Amanda, Jodie,
Cyn, Dawn and the only guy Bruce (ain't he lucky) We played
the drinkin game "[email protected]#K Up" all nite and got pretty drunk
and went to the Port Club and went to Harbourview
afterwords (BOOOO).
On sat nite we also played "[email protected]#K UP" all nite..and I got
horribly drunk and when we went to the Legion..I hooked up
wit a cool guy from Cape Breton. We danced together all
nite (along wit some other stuff). Than I came home..and
cleaned up.
I spent sunday bein "dazed & confused"..I honestly felt
like I was stoned (not that I would know how that feels or
That monday i got booted out of the house and down to Nan's
(not due to the partyian all weekend)
The weekend after we went drinkin down Jo's shed on friday
nite and went to the Port Club. We as in the usual crowd
plus Travis. and of course we played "[email protected]#K UP" lol. Sat
nite I went for a coffee wit Travis..and than went to the
Legion wit Amanda..and I was completely sober..didnt' even
have a drink.. how good am I!! lol
This weekend I finally got to meet Bruce's G/F Holly, she
is AWESOME!! Cant' wait for her to come back!!. And we all
went to Dawn's house and of course played "[email protected]#K UP" and
went to the PC. Sat nite we went drinkin at Jo's house and
played "[email protected]#K UP" again and went to the Legion.. where Jo-
Pee had some fun ;-).
Today Amanda and I went to Bob's (ALL HAIL) and visited
Ok so I can't remember much from the weekdays in the
month.. basically all I've been doin is hangin up the road
watchin people play hacky sac, hangin wit Jo and Amanda on
the boat that don't float, eatin at Harbourview(BOOO) and
piggin out at Pizza Delight (All Hail) wit Amanda and
others, visitin school to "use the printers" and talk to
some of my friends still in school, talkin to Candice,
Nicole and others, and occaisonally visitin Lisa&Travis,
and hangin over Corey's..oh yea and passin out Resume's.
Magine.. I just put bout a months worth of activities in
this entry. If I left anything out..than tell me...and
don't be offended if I 4got anyone.. my memories not that
Anyways..til the next time I think about writin in this,
P.S. To all of "WE" ~I MIIIISSSSEEED YOU!!!~