the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2002-06-03 02:30:13 (UTC)

Dear Aaron ..........

music: Nickelback and switching to Cold
mood: not so good .. kinda grumpy and mostly lonely.

So what do u do when happiness can not be bought and there
is nothing u can do to be happy b/c ur surrondings suck and
so does your life.. I could give up but something inside
of me won't let me .. so humm what to do .. humm well Aaron
when it comes to u i give up I am worrying about u way to
son and your really not even my type .. i know u could only
get me into more trouble and so with that I say whatever ..
u have not called me since like friday and when I saw u at
the club last night u acted so cold u aacted like u didn't
know me .. I mean come on u said u liked me and I have
gone out of my way to like see u and stuff and turned down
how many guys .. I am running a major risk with u .. and
another thing gangs are for wimps that can't stand up for
themselves so there .. I have wanted to say that for a
while and if u think I am going to go there with u then u
are crazy .. I mean come on ... so once again I ask u what
do u do when u can't buy happiness and everything around u
including yourself sucks ?
do u know .. does anyone know ? oh well...