Life of Joolz
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2001-06-14 20:09:30 (UTC)

Thursday 14th June 2001

Mental health report: V.good today
Cigs smoked: Not very many
Tummy report: 20 mins bad pain, but 5 out of 10 all day for
pain (not bad)
One week to go till colonoscopy and not looking forward to
it at all. Bit worried.

Cold windy misty day to start with, and continued chilly-
disgusting for June. Only 5 degrees last night.

The following is a boring account of what I have done today with my
life. I mean boring for you to read, but I've never been so busy in a
long time.

Was a hectic day today-here are the sequence of events:
Got up 5.20a.m.-- washed and dried hair and set off at 6.33 for metro
to work. Metro was on time as usual, all windows wide open and it was
freezing. Fog on the river this morning.
Arrived work 7.25 and got started with four very difficult cases,
phones never stopped, was up and down all day and helping trainee all
the time. Was like one armed taxi driver with crabs I was. Left work
2.00p.m.-arrived home 3.10pm and then I got cracking!! House work
galore getting ready for next week.

3.10p.m. Got home, made cuppa coffee and had fag. Clouds had cleared
a bit. Put drying on and started upstairs. Cleaned toilet bath and
sink, washed bathroom floor by hand, washed bathroom walls (fully
tiled you see)took austrian blinds and shower curtain down and put in
wash. Cleaned all bathroom accessories and replaced towels.
Made bed/polished and vacuumed in bedroom/put clothes away.
Hoovered staircase and watered hallway plants. Cleaned bannister and
staircase. Then started downstairs. Polished mirrors in
hallway/polished in lounge/comp room and fireplaces. Washed inside
and outside windows of both front and back of house downstairs
(mammoth task) took an hour, then hoovered downstairs too. Oh and
dusted too.
Washed kitchen units down and oven,dishwasher and drier, washed
kitchen floor by hand and tidied pantry out. Put dishes away.
Then fed my pets. Then I cleaned patio table and chairs outside and
swilled drains. Fed my sparrows and put fresh water out for them.
This took me till 5.30 to do and house is now wonderful and fresh. If
I'm feeling a bit ill after next week at least I know house is clean.
Very surprised later as next minute I knew, an army of birds appeared
on lawn tonight-mainly starlings/odd thrush/2 bluetits and a pair
of woodpigeons. Gave them some scraps from last night. There must
have been at least 70 -100 birds all scratting on my lawn!!

Decided to decorate as soon as poss-gonna go to Focus at weekend for
paint/wallpaper etc. So bye bye comp after Friday night for a
while!!! Gonna get started this weekend and it's a long job but will
give me a head start for when I have the week off in July.
Decided on colours for lounge and hallway tonight. Want cream for
lounge walls/dove grey ceiling and marshmallow woodwork. White or
maybe palest magnolia for hallway as there's not much goes with a
burgundy carpet is there? Wish I had got a sage green colour but Ron
insisted on burgundy hallway and staircase carpet. Said it looks
Last weekend we did garden front and back and washed doors and
paintwork outside-the whole thing took about 3 hours but at least
it's done and looks neat and tidy. Need to paint front step again as
bits are chipped. So that was my day-I was busy and on the go since
5.20 this morning till about 5.30 tonight. I have just had my evening
meal and washed up and tidied up again. Off to bed before 10 with my
tea and chocolate so comp time is limited.

Yesterday's Grub:

Breakfast: Fresh orange juice/2 wholemeal toasts (scraping olivio)
Lunch: Mint and cucumber cottage cheese, two satsumas, fresh orange
juice/blueberry muffin (very small one from M S)
Evening meal: Organic cheese and garlic mushroom pizza (must stop
these pizzas!) but I only have a small half, home made potato skins
with chili and garlic oven baked, salad of Italian
leaf/watercress/spinach/black olives/vine tomatoes/coleslaw and a taj
pesto sauce and dribble of olive oil. Lashings black pepper freshly
ground on top.
Alcohol:2 small cabernet's only-v.v.v. good that.
In bed: 3 pieces white toblerone and cuppa tea.

Good diet today-but miss my broccoli and cauliflower-am addicted to
it and I feel like eating a huge portion of sprouts too. My tum
hasn't been too bad since Sunday, the less fat I eat the less bloated
and less pain I feel. The more veg I have the better-good job I love
it innit?

Had peaceful evening-no-one's phoned for once and I've been left in
peace. Good.