Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-06-03 01:53:49 (UTC)

The keys to my destruction

Or should I say, self destruction. Maybe insanity... I
never got that phrase. If 'in' means 'surrounded by', and
sanity means 'sane', then if youre 'insane' you
are 'surrounded by sanity'. If youre 'out' of something,
youre 'away from'. So, it should be 'outsane', 'away from

Thats just my theory anyways.

Gah. Mom always makes things so complicated. She says I
cant go practice with my band, because I have too much to
do. Basically, she hates me. And she has a lot of slave
labour for me to do. The part that pisses me off most, is
shes making me work for my own damned money. Anyways,
ashley volunteered to do it for me, and all the sudden I
can go, and practice isnt until 6pm-8pm. So Ill have
plenty of time to get ready.

Shoot me. And I mean it.

I really really really really really do.

I hate my parents. Whyd they have to get a f'ing divorce.