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2002-06-03 01:19:40 (UTC)

The next day...

Yesterday actually settled down a little bit as the day
progressed. As for today, i woke up at 5:30 am to get ready
for soccer. I pretty much played soccer the whole... 2
state cup games (i will never forget the one game... b/c i
stopped a penalty kick.. and that is an accomplishment).
Once i finally got home.. i had planned to just relax.. but
no.. my dad reminded me that i had a "MASA" game. I just
kinda didnt put too much effort into into though b/c i was
so tired from my games earlier. I dont even know if we won
our masa game... and i could care less. After that, i got
home around 6:15... and i ate a piece of pizza (the second
thing i've eaten all day). Then, i went and practiced
parallel parking for tuesday (12 pm... New Ken. .. i take
my test.. i am really hoping i pass it). And anyways, here
i sit... i probably should be studying for my geometry
final tomorrow.. but i am gonna fail it anyways.. so it
wouldn't make a difference. I'll let u know how that goes.