2002-06-03 00:58:33 (UTC)

Hey Im back

I havn't written in almost a month. Well Im excited. My
life is coming around! One thing's for sure I fucking
graduated!!! I was so stoked that night at graduation. I
guess they let anyone graduate! Anyway shortly after
graduation i began my summer job at WIlsonart. Wilsonart
is a plant in NC. they make plastic laminate. NOthing
real excited. and my last day is within a week! The job
was Shitty. The worst job i have ever had. the good part
is im going back to the movies to become an asst manager.
back to wilsonart, On the first night i was thinking to
myself, I NEVER want to end up like this. Im going to
college and i want to be a college graduate. I think im
gonna go to Greenville Tech to major in Management. I
barley made it though high school, but Dammit im getting
through college. To be the first in my family to go to
college straight outta high school. I want to make
soemthing of myself. One day i'd like to manage a
bar/cocnert venue. Im a music freak and i HAVE To do
something in music. Umm I got to go see Green DAy and
Blink 182 and Jimmy eat world in concert a few weks ago.
It was amazing. I'm going to go see the goo goo dolls on a
few weeks. Im excited! anyway i really can't complain
about my life right now. alright ill try to write
alittle more. Take care