Meaningless Ramblings of Dark_Child
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2002-06-03 00:51:27 (UTC)

Bout Time For An Update

Current Music: 'Falling Away From Me' by KoRn

My room is now purple. I got home from camp and my parents
had painted it for me. I chose the color a few weeks back
and was going to paint it myself this weekend. It looks
really good. I still need to find something to hang on the
main wall though. I don't know what I actually want to put
there, but I'm sure I'll know when I find it.

I went into my friends house last night to use her phone
because I was going to be late home from the mall. Her
brother was there. I'm not sure if I've mentioned him
before. He's three years older than me. He's a goth. He's
so damn cute! I got to talk to him last night. Hehe....I'm
still happy about it. :)

Camp was definately what I needed to clear my head. I'm
pretty sure that I'm over Michael now. I know that I don't
have a chance with him anymore. I haven't talked to him
since Monday night. I'm quite proud of myself. I managed to
fight my urge to call him. I still have to see him tomorrow

Oh well......that's all for now......

Bye Bye