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2001-06-14 18:48:10 (UTC)


I took masonry for two years at the Vo-Tech. I loved each
wacky moment!!

The Cast of Masonry class of 2001

Joe- foster kid, not very bright when punking someone.
Mike- Cool guy who is the gifted mason.
Matt- Cool guy who gave me rides to the place and hates Joe
Ben- a little kid in a real big body
Rick- football player, wrestler, Kool guy.
Ron- football player and basket ball, kool guy
Josh- okay but somewhat smart
TJ- new guy who started, loves video games

The Book of Ben

In the begining Ben was a red head fat guy who was 18 junior
year in high school, later was 19 when he graduated. The
only guy to cuss out my instructor, heres a exerpt from the
great cleaning out the scaffolding. Later on that day he
almost had his head busted open when he tripped and a leg of
the scoffold came to him as he let go from the fall and
cought it just in time.

Ben: MR. Hienze why don't you ever give me my Mother F*****

Mr. Hienze: Why don't you watch your F****** mouth before I
kick your mother F******, fat, A$$.

I miss Mr. Hienze, me and him had some good laughs about
what layed ahead. More tales of Ben's dumb a$$ in later

The Book of Joe

Joe was Mr. Hienzes least favorite. He had skill but no
brains. My friend Matt was in the tool room while Joe was
working on some bricks. Joe hated Matt, so Joe watched Matt
go in the tool room. Joe locked Matt in the tool room. Matt
and Mr. Hienze didn't think it was funny. Matt wanted to
kill Joe. Joe laughed at Mat ,as Matt was headed towards Joe
to beat him down. Joe can't keep a job. He went through two
jobs in two months. Joe couldn't afford his appartment rent.
Mr. Hienze got Joe a job during spring break. Joe quit the
job after working one full day. He also quit Vo-Tech. He had
to ride the bus after that because his friend was using his
truck. His truck got broken into with his friend using it.
Silly Joe.

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