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2001-06-14 18:28:16 (UTC)

:: i need someone ::

i need someone to talk to
about anything
about my silliness
about my failure
without being judged
without being laughed

i need someone
to share my feelings with
to share my joy with
to share my triumph with
to share the blessings i have with
as well as
sharing my tears with

i need someone to hug me
anytime, anywhere
to comfort me
and telling me that
everything is fine
and i need not to worry

i need someone to wet my lips
when they are dry
after the pain absorbing
the moisture they have
and hand me a cloth
when i cry

i need someone
who needs me
as much as i need him
who will say that
he needs me because he loves me,
instead of saying
he loves me because he needs me

i need someone
who is falling for me
instead of
falling for the feeling of love

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