Whats goin on
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2001-06-14 18:18:54 (UTC)

I live across the street from the Beverly Hillbilles

My family has incredible luck with new neighbors. When you
have a wierd guy who mows the yard every day, puts wacky
Christmas stuff up, and you never see his wife except when
she gets a smoke out side, you want to keep him around.
After he left, I learned alot about what can go wrong. After
the wierd dude left, we got some red neck group in. A
mother with her son, the guy who lived with them with his
mother who smoked 10 packs a day, three heart attacks, and
none of them had brains. First the kid got ex-pelled from
the Jr. high school, then they let their grass die to dirt.
But then there is the time the kid sniffed gasoline and lit
a smoke. It was day light again but with fire engines down
the street to my house and trying to put out a small fire in
the garage across from mine. Ohh yeah and a few cop cars in
my driveway. The kid was ok saddly. A few hours later on the
weather part of the news, we saw our house and the one
across the street. After that we started seeing repo men
take car after car, the thing is that it was the the same
car each time. Sis, the kids sister had her car towed 6
times. They left last Aug. New people just moved across the
street a few weeks ago. They still have the dry dirt lawn,
and a new addion, a wall of branches that grows along the
side of their yard facing my house. Its a dry state here in
the Sooner State, so its smart to have dry branches near oil
close to the driest part of the year,and the man of the
house is a fireman. Maybe after them we will get "normal"