the life of kate
2002-06-02 19:57:47 (UTC)

long time no see.........

Well it has been a while sense I have wrote in here. Sorry
for not keeping up. This weekend was impossible to write
anyways. Friday night was a hell of a night. Me and a
couple of my friends all wanted to get trashed so we got
alcky and decided we were going to party in the cemitary.
Man what were we thinking? We were partying with a bunch of
dead people. Everyone but 2 people threw up that night.
Then when we decided that we wanted to go to sleep we still
had to put up a tent in the back of one of my friends
yards. That was a trip and a half. Of course the manly
Chris and SHuana wouldnt listen to the ones that knew what
they were doing. SO they took an hour setting up the tent.
After that that shit was done with and we made sure that
everyone was done puking we decided it was time to go to
bed. Well we all were going to sleep in the tent and then
the girls ended up going up stairs and left the boys oout
side in the tent. Well then after everyone is settled we
all go to sleep. The when we all woke up sat we went out
differnt ways. Latter on Sat. night i had to drive back
down town to get my tent and shit from the place where we
were camping. I take my friend and her bf all over but that
is alright becuase I got to get out of the house and shit.
We were going all over town and then we came up with the
idea of going camping again. We had everything planed and
it was going good. We were going to stay in the state lands
that night instead of down town. Well we found a place and
everything and i was driving the jeep back home so no one
knew we were out there. Well my parents couldnt know about
her bf staying with us so we droped him off down the road
so he could just wait for us and walk with us. Well we
started to walk up the road and we couldnt find him we were
looking all over the damn place and we got all the way to
were we were going to go camping and he still wasnt there.
So we had to turn around and look for him. He had never
been around here so we knew that he was lost. Well it was
about 10pm so we had to find someone with a car to come and
get us from the woods so we called another friend and she
found him and picked us up. That was the end of that
eventure. But then we she droped all three of us off where
we were going camping we had to set up the tent and
eerything it took us about another hour and a half. But
after we set up everything it was all great. I had the best
time I have had in a while. well I thought that I would
fill you in on what was going on but I have to go now
waitting for my mother to call. I'm outtie!