Autumn Always
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2002-06-02 19:36:53 (UTC)

21 bla

Yesterday I went to the fair with Patrick and Sam. It was
nice, I always adore going to fairs, but it just never
seems like anyone else has as much fun as I do and thats
depressing. I hate feeling like I'm being humored. Damn it
its a fair, play stupid games and eat candy and get stuffed
animals. It makes me feel lonely. I had a pretty good time.
Then we came back here and watched movies, that was nice. I
got to talk to Patrick and I think it went well, I still
worry though. I hate being stressed. Mom and Dad are
downstairs doing whatever and I just feel somewhat bla
today. I'm going to sort out my cds. They've gotten
everywhere and when it gets to the point where I can't find
them and there in the wrong cases it's time to sit down
with them. Ick. I also want to call century 21 today. I am
really interested in real estate and I just know I would
rock at it. And the more I think about it the more perfect
it sounds and odd little hints and oppertunitys keep
popping up. I think it would be a great stepping stone for
me. It would only take me about 2 or 3 weeks to get my real
estate degree. Then century 21 would hire me and teach me
the ropes. I believe you make 6% and my area is booming
right now. So if I sold a house in the green area for lets
say 300,000 dollars I would have just made 18,000, or even
a smaller one for 140,000 I think thats something like
6,000. I had it worked out the other day. Basicly selling
one house per month would be my goal. If your'e good at it
you can make really great money. And with that budget I
would have more then enough to put away for more schooling
when I figure out what the hell to major in, AND in the
meanwhile get a car in just 2 months and after that have
money to save AND help out with the bills. It all just
settles into place and makes so much sense. I really think
I would enjoy it. So now I just have to find out where they
have classes at. *sigh* I have too much on my mind. i'm
going to go play with my cds and try to relax....