The lost little girl
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2002-06-02 18:49:44 (UTC)

windy day...

well first the good news, dana, for all of you who know
dana, got a job doing a part in a radio show called "space
cow"...i still have to find out what station though.never
the less, i'm very proud of him!!! love you dana, you rock!
not doing to much today. don't know when i will be getting
out again, but i hope it's soon...i can't really think of
much to say so i think i'm just gonna go.. i will talk to
you soon..let you know what's up and what not..love you all
- janie baby

daily quote:
" i don't have your FUCKIN' GLUE!!!!!"- me during a stupid
fight with my mom b'cuz she thought i took her glue...*sigh*

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