Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-06-02 18:49:17 (UTC)

Loves Labours Lost...


What does one do when one is trying to get
over someone they have been with for a long

What, and why do you feel something for someone
for which you have been without for close to a year?

An Excellent damned question...

One that I am simply ill-equiped to answer...

One can never tell with these things.

But, time will tell...

So, I like this GRRL I like her rants. I like the way
she writes, and the way she says what she wants,
how she wants, the way she wants....

And I have to say with some stark truth...

I adore it, I relish it, and I want her.

I tend to be somewhat of a GUY, at times, and go,

"Dude! Look at her, DROOL..." I am entitled to that.

Whether anyone thinks otherwise. If you can tell me
with a straight face that grrls don't do that, proof positive.

that would be something....

I will eat my words. Printed out, on glossy 20lb stock...

I would love to have someone here, someone to hold.
Someone to love, to talk to , to listen to, to and I will admit
cry on thier shoulders. I am not afraid to admit, that
sometimes, guys do need to cry, I know I do. But I keep alot
of my emotions in check, buried beneath a fascade of blank
expression and arrogant self egocentricity....

I want someone to whom I can make love to, fuck, have sex with,
break tables, bring to orgasmic heights and touch tenderly. Oh,
I can think of a thousand different ways of bringing the one that I
am with pleasure, not just my own, but her's as well.

The point in being with someone is to share, everything about
ones self. Inner thought, feelings, fears, dreams, ambitions, and
all the while knowing that it's all right to not know things, to have
someone who won't judge you, won't comdemn you, someone
who will help you when you want it, sometimes when you don't,
and who will just be there for you when you need it most.

But most of all, to understand you, to listen to you, and ultimetly
Love you with all thier being... I don't love easilly, nor quickly.
But when I do, it is a fiery passion of love, to which I embrace the
one to whom I need, cherish, respect and value....

They say, that love is enough to overcome things. It is.

But it is not, at the same time...

I know this, first hand....

Love makes a barrier around you, to some it should protct you, to
others it is the thing to hold onto when LIFE and it's bloody
army come tromping up the gangplank to fuck you up.

To me, it is the armor I need, I know that I can rely on the person
who holds my heart, so when things get very, very ugly. There she
is, waiting with arms open, to tell me it will be alright, to tell me
nothing, to hold me, to kiss me, to let me kiss her, touch her, and
hold her through the night's agony...

Loyalty, trust, honesty and an unyeilding confidence in oneself is
what makes love between two people make it work...

If you lie, you only damage what you have, and the armor flakes
away, and your life whithers with it...

Lie to yourself, to your parents, to your friends, but don't ever
lie to the grrl or boi, that loves you.... EVER, it will in the end
just destroy you, and your relationship... Sometimes, it can't be

No one is perfect, niether is any relationship I;ve ever been in
or witnessed...

Take love one day at a time....

So, whats the answer. There isn't one, love is what you make it,
your relationship is the result of the work you put into it. Sometimes
we make mistakes, it's okay, hell it's expected...

So, love is both enough, and not enough.

There are many things that love brings, and there are many
things it doesn't....

I won't pretend that love solves everything, but I won't walk
away from it, nor will I condemn it...

I want someone to love, someone who will love me in return...

Be damned sure... That I will...