Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-06-02 18:30:22 (UTC)


da OH BOY is just my favorite song. itz got nuttin' to do wit
anythin' i'm writin'!

~last nite whuz saturday. none of us ended up going to da
moviez. i whuz gonna stay ova at erinz bcuz we settled
everythin' and i thought i would just chill ova der and
hang out wit her. but no dat aint wut it whuz at all. i got
der and not even 5 minz afta i got der she got on da phone
wit her boyfriend and completely ignored me and acted like
i whuzn't even der. i'd tried to talk to her but she just
whuzn't hearin' anythin' i whuz sayin'. so i just sat der
for like half an hour thinkin' she whuz gonna get off da
phone or sumthin' but i just got too bored and i knew it
would be like dis all nite. she just pissez me off she is
alwayz on da phone and dat is aiiight but she shouldn't do
dat when she ahs peoplez ova. i mean damn datz wrong.
anywayz i dunno wut i'm doin' to day. my momma wantz me to
mow da lawn. i dont really wanna. i wanna lay out. and
lindzey wantz me to go tannin' wit her. i dunno wut i'm
gonna do but i'm gonna get off da computa now. aiiight den!~