Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-06-02 18:23:50 (UTC)


Its one of the many banes of our society. Like, I had this
one really awesome friend. I could talk to them about
anything, Im serious, A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. But like, they
changed. Some stuff happened, and they just arent the same
before. And it really bothers me. I dont wanna go up to
them and be like, youre not who I knew, youve changed
alot. I know what happpened, I know why they did... I
guess I just miss them, alot its like, heres me, and

heres them. All far away and stuff. I dont like it, I
dont like it at all. Maybe theyll come back to me,
something similar like this happend before, I guess its
like the phrase, if you love them, let them go. I guess Im
just going to have to pray they come back to me.

Okay, what the F is this. Mom and Dad, you all know that
story, the whole divorce bs that started in 7th-8th grade,
and has just become a major part of my life, something that
Im used to, like mom drinking... well, moms all pissed off,
because I dont really think its right to print out all the
emails dad wrote me, and give them to her to use against
him in court. Im not like them, I dont like to hurt people
like theyve hurt me. And shes all fucking pissed off
because Id like to see my fucking dad I havent seen in over
a damn year!!! I dont give if hes married! I wanna meet
them, okay? God, why do you have to get all offended and
pissed off at me. i hate this. I really really do. Id
rather she just beat the snot outta me then emotionally
tear me to shreds. Thats all she ever does. Im so sick of
it. God dammit, why cant i just be like everyone else, a C
student... then it wouldnt matter if i moved. Maybe I
should, maybe lisa will let me live wiht her. This
happened 3 months ago, and quite frankly, its about to
happen again.

Sorry for cussing.

I hate this place.

You know who i love.

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