No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-06-02 16:50:56 (UTC)

church, last night

I went to church this morning and saw Kendra. I haven't
seen her in forever! She was like...I hear you went out
with Chris. I told her I did but it didn't work out for me.
She likes him. She was saying how sweet he is and all that
stuff. It was rather amusing actually.
Matt and some of his friends are coming over later.
AHH! I am listening to music and whenever my mom turns the
blender on it effects my music.
I got really mad last night. I didn't realize this kid's
mom died a couple years ago and I said I wish I only had
one parent. He flipped out...caled me "a fucking cunt" and
signed off. OH well, I tried apologizing 2 times. I tired
in the chat and on IM. Both times he ignored me. I didn't one told me. I feel bad but not as bad as I did
before he flipped out on me. *sigh* I tried...there is
nothing more I can do. Oh well.
I'm gunna go.