Dirty Fractyl
2002-06-02 16:01:54 (UTC)

Unsacred Doctrines, U-V

Here is a continuation of the Unsacred Doctrines. While it
may appear that completion is near (and progress has been
absent), this is ignoring the fact that there are to be
(and have been, though not shown in my diary) additions to
past letters to accomidate my desire to write on topics
that have been skipped over for the letters that are a
little more generous with words than these latter letters
in the alphabet we use.


“Get up, Adolf. You’re sitting in my chair.” --
Brett David Roberts

...once a revolutionary fever has taken hold of a
society, people are willing to undergo unlimited
hardships for the sake of their revolution. This
was clearly shown in the French and Russian
Revolutions. It may be that in such cases only a
minority of the population is really committed to
the revolution, but this minority is sufficiently
large and active so that it becomes the dominant
force in society. --Theodore Kaczynski

There is one simple reason a true utopia is never
achievable: everyone has a different agenda of issues
and demands. For a utopia to occur, it would require that
provisions be set that satisfy everyone. This simply
cannot occur because man is confrontorial by nature. Some
of the very issues discussed in this set of essays,
abortion for instance, genetic engineering, evolution,
among others, are not topics that will ever be agreed
upon by all. It simply is not possible to convince a man
on the opiate of faith that it is blinding his vision of
reality. And that, in short, is situational justification
of the fact that the world, as it should be and I would
like to see it, free of ignorance and religion, will not
occur. Ignorant people like to breed and religious people
like to practice self-deception. As for ignorant religious
people, gas showers should suit them nicely.
Eliminate those whose problems are irresolvable, either by
excommunication, or by death, and a utopia can
then be provided for those whose interests do not conflict
with the government, a government which
imperatively must have near absolute power. The mantra
that “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” is only
valid provided that conflict is allowed to persist.

But quite simply, utopias can, and do occur, but they
simply never last. Rome was a Utopia. The
Legendary Civilization of Atlantis was a utopia that left
not a trace to be found, if it did, indeed exist. Many
dictators and communist rulers have attempted utopia, but
utopias have always failed due to
counter-revolutions, the coup de taus that overthrow
existing dictatorship in favor of a particular democratic
faction. It is this that must be denied to the people in
order to keep an oligarchy in tact, in order to truly rule a
nation, not simply preside over it. Such a government must
eventually rule the world, but this is a matter that
must be left to time, as it could only conceivably begin as
a nation, which expanded outward until it
encompassed the entire globe.
It is somewhat intriguing to ponder being the man behind
such a nation, to guide it out of the cradle,
pass on, and leave it to future generations. Perhaps a
couple hundred years following my death, I will be
viewed much how modern man views Aristotle, a thinker ahead
of his time, though his theories are long
replaced by exponential advances throughout the centuries.
One could expect such a transformation to occur
when looking at the speed at which humans are progressing.
One generation cannot even fully live out its life
without becoming dumbfounded by the advancements of the
next. A simple observation of an elderly person
attempting to discover the secret mysteries of Bill Gates’
Windows Operating System will prove this (I do,
indeed, intend, this both sarcastically as a joke, and with
real pertinence).
And yet mankind flounders. There are projections in the
Bible about the coming of an Antichrist. It
was a good whim for Revelation to carry through,
considering that the Bible had already managed to construe
itself as a book wise enough to contain lines about wisdom
being both a boon and a downfall simultaneously.
But such is the irony of religion, and such is the abfall
of it, as well. Brushed aside, one may finally have a
clear view of what paths are required for the betterment of
the human race, which may or may not reflect the
paths that are best for the individual. As commented
earlier, Chinese sociologists are backing their
government in this notion. I do hold the belief that if it
is not counteracted by the Japanese, who push the
population density threshold more with each generation, or
by another equally well-managed culture, that the
American economy will begin to recess. While The US may be
well safe from becoming third world, or
ravished by disease, a natural flux of power is inevitable,
and with the current trends, this prediction is well
So the notion has been projected like a flint, hinted at,
but not mentioned. What would a utopia
created by Brett David Roberts be like? Always one for
using a list method of differences, that shall be
employed yet a-gain.

1) Immigration and Restriction of Population Will Be
Regulated by Tests Administered by the
Testing Panel of the Republic
Upon desiring to immigrate to the Republic, it shall be
required that each citizen prove his worth to
his nation. Tests shall be somewhat astandard; matched to
suit each individual’s strengths as determined by
then. Upon proving these strengths, each person shall
undergo an intense psychological exam. The results of
both of these tests shall be passed along to the ruler,
myself, for determination on citizenship. Ultimately, it is
an entirely subjective process, dependent only upon my
decision. Interviews may be used if necessary.

2) Life Servants or Lower Cast Members Shall Exist and
Be Provided For
A group consisting mostly of purchased death row criminals,
the life servants shall be
responsible for the tending of crops, and agricultural
animals (primarily chicken and fish; beef will
be strictly regulated and all imported). These people will
not have full rights, but will be well fed
and well housed. Voting rights will obviously be denied,
as will true freedom to these individuals,
who will not be granted the right to freely travel without
the permission and/or accompaniment of the
owner and/or guards. These regulations shall obviously be
determined on a per servant basis.

3) Foreign Trade Will Be Exclusively regulated by the
The primary purpose of this embargo (against everyone, in a
sense) is to ensure that the
government is entirely aware of all materials flowing into
and out of the Republic. Naturally, this
could be a difficult task; however, it will not be. The
Republic will have satellite-surveyed borders
which record all transgressors to the law. Such
individuals will be immediately deported without
trial from the Republic.

4) The Population shall be regulated both by Monitoring
Births and Forced Emigration
Each woman is only allowed to give birth to two children,
unless the Republic grants permission
otherwise. Should the territories of the Republic begin to
expand and allow for a larger population,
or a period of growth, the Republic will decide upon a
temporary new limit for all mothers. Should
the number be non-integer, as predicted by the
mathematician panel appointed to assess the situation,
then the mothers worthy of bearing the extra proportion of
children will be given right by the
Republic to do so, as a reflection of the past success of
their lineage or current accomplishments.
Emigration shall be enforced should a recession occur, the
emigrants will be the slovenly who do not
perform their duties up to the regulations and levels that
are set by the Republic.

4) The Republic shall determine all Salaries.
Salaries will be distributed according to the wishes of the
ruler, and all money profited by
businesses is the profit of the Republic. Individuals
responsible for any for of “self-reimbursement,”
to craft a euphemism shall be deported again without

5) Homosexuality is Grounds for Deportment.
This law is not an expression of hatred towards
homosexuals, but they are engulfing resources
that are needed by those capable of reproduction through
heterosexual intercourse. Thus, these
people are thought of as benign parasites, those that
diminish society without noticeably hindering or
affecting its immediate indications.

6) Religion is Illegal.
This law is known upon applying for immigration into the
Republic. It is a Republic founded
upon Truth, Science, and Mathematics, the true future of
mankind. All of those men and
women, who allow their minds to be overrun by mythical
stories of a Garden, a fall from grace,
and an eternal life, can die with the culture and people
that promoted it. Practicing religion shall
carry the same deportation penalty as transgression of
trade & reproduction laws.

The framework laid by such regulations promotes the
intellectual of the individual at the
hands of time and progression, not stunted by the pressures
of economy or an affection for the
long held traditions that were imprinted upon the mind at
birth. Children shall be raised from a
young age to appreciate evolution, in viewing creatures to
appreciate their adaptations. The
thought of God having created such a creature to already
match its environment shall never cross
the mind of these children, and the result will be lives
founded in reason and reality, not fanciful
whims that are catered for by an overwhelming need for
security through the unknown (see the
section on Death).
Within a reasonable amount of time, the society
created by the Republic will condense and
need to expand—it will model Japan. A small area can host
a culture for a long period of time,
but with exponential growth, the result is a skyline
proliferated by high rise apartments and
office buildings, an island with an ongoing NYC metro type
feel. Simply, it exerts an enormous
stress on the environment and is impractical. Expansion
has always been necessary for rising
empires, and it always will be.
Yet a short while ago, in the topic on fame,
immortality-in-name was mentioned.
Establishing a culture which eventually went on to reign
over the world and gave way to the rest
of civilization would ensure such a spot.
Part of my conditioning as a child included the
phrase “Never be afraid to dream.”
And still, reread the first statement made in this section.

Viewing the Mobius Strips and Timing the Cesium Atom

M.C. Escher fascinated many with his sketch of what
he called “mobius strips,” one
interlocking strip that twirls around as though a helix of
DNA, yet does not progress, leaving it
with interesting mathematical properties that lead to an
infinite series for its derivatives, no
asymptote for area, and other infinite properties, though
one a child can ascertain with a mere
glance that the strip is clearly finite. And similarly is
the view of time to many physicists and
mathematicans. Its properties and equations lead men to
believe time, and the universe that
constitutes space-time, is infinite, though in terms of
space it is clearly finite (if the principles are applied to that
particular instance in time; it is time which warps the properties).
Some are proponents of the “Big Bang--Big Crunch”
theory, which theorizes that the
universe is a constant progression of expansion (following
the bang) and contraction (after the
matter’s properties causes it to collapse). Others believe
it had a single expansion and will never
contract. Others, utter morons in the world of science,
believe some type of divine intervention
will negate the physical universe altogether. However,
even such feeble minds do entertain the
concept of an infinite progression of time in their
mythical versions of an afterlife, in which man
has transcended death and becomes immortal like the
characters that have been created since the
brain was large enough to be creative and invent such gods.
Regardless of what theory is adopted, perhaps with
the exception of the irrational and
unfounded theory of divine intervention, there is little to
no evidence to lead one to believe that
the universe will blatently transcend its own law of mass-energy
conservation and end as a system altogether and dissipate
into nothingness. On both ends of the
spectrum, the microcosm and the macrocosm, there are
mathematical signs of infinity.

1) The Microcosm of the Atom
Not too long ago, the atom was considered to be a
literal microcosm of the solar system, a
good analogy on a simplistic level, though inadequate when
considered at length since planets
move predictably and electrons move unpredictably enough
that they are relegated to chaos
theory. However, applying the analogy in a less literal
sense, it does hold some applications.
As a child of about 5 years, I often spent time
picking blades of grass and splitting them
down the parallel veins until a single, thin thread was
left (usually a vein), and knew that this
vein could in turn be split again. Even with only a
cursory knowledge of what an atom was (my
focus was on linguistics and art at the time), it did seem
that this property would apply to all the
matter around me. It seemed, with the proper tools
available, that the matter could continually
be split until the point that the technology failed to
split it.
Later, in junior high school, science class lead my
studies briefly back to the system of the
atom. I remembered what I thought as a child, determing
that there had to be further divisions
beyond the nuetron, proton, and electron; however, my
inquiries were not strong enough to drive
further research. The same conundrum rearose again in
sophomore chemistry in high school,
leading me to write a theory that I called the “Grass Atom
Theory,” after the system that had lead
to the thought, and determined that even quarks and
nuetrinos could be split into smaller
“atomos.” But this is where the theorizing stopped.
As of today, no one has disproved this notion and
new particles, new “atomoses,” are found
as the technology continues to progress. Perhaps there
will be a smallest particle found
sometime with a topographic map of our purpose in life.
And then again, maybe this is just my
mind telling me to write a science fiction novel.

2) The Macrocosm of the Universe
Most educated people are aware that the universe is
expanding. It is hypothesized by most
that this is a product of the big bang. There are two
general views held by physicists regarding
this expanion. One view is that it will continue to expand
and never collapse due to its own
gravitational force; the other is that it will contract,
reach a great density as it did “before” the
big bang and then repeat the process (infinitely). In
either case, an end to the universe itself, is
not eminent nor probable. Should the latter of the two
scenarios prove to be correct, it is
possible that following this next big bang that the
universe could have more or less dimensions
than it currently has. Due to singularity (singularity is
the math concept that when a system
approaches infinity, as the universe was infinitely dense,
that its properties prior to the
occurance and thereafter are indeterminable), it is
impossible to theorize about this possibility.

Quite simply, however, no one has been able to determine
with certainty whether or not the universe is infinite. Speculation
leads scientists to assume so, yet a mathematical proof has yet to
join the annals.
Even Einstein resigned himself to the fact that he was not
certain, commenting, “Only the universe itself and
human stupidity are infinite, and I’m not certain about the