Spyderman of this century

the story
2002-06-02 14:47:41 (UTC)

waking up to the sound of thunder

well, its 9 30 in teh morning, and im awake, after not
even getting home till just a few hours ago. ur prolly
wondering why im awake then. well, i went to bed, but i
woke up this morning to thunder, not a good thing when the
top to my jeep and the doors are sitting in my driveway,
so i jumped outta bed and came rushing downstairs, didnt
even put clothes on, so i could take care of my baby. dad,
who i got into a big fight w/ yesterday, was sitting at
the kitchen table, and when i went htrouhg the back door,
my jeep was sitting there in the driveway, covered w/ a
huge tarp. my dad actually took care of my jeep and
covered it up for me. so we talked a lil this morning, and
everythings cool now. last night was pretty excellent.
actually, all of yesterday was pretty excellent. i went to
a friend of mines graduation party, she wasnt expecting me
to show up, and thats one of the reasons i did. but i
havent seen a lot of those people for a while due to some
help from a friend of mine. but thats another story. after
the graduation party, i came home, grabbed some snacks,
and headed to peoria, to get some fabric to make a safari
top for the jeep. it wasnt very easy, but i finally found
some fabric i think will work, its not the color i wanted,
but it'll work i think. after that i just cruised for
awhile, till i came up on some kids in a new ford focus,
that thought they had turned it into a racer, HAHA, it was
ugly, i smoked the hell outta em down main street. people
were up and down the street goin to bars and stuff, and as
we went by they were all turning to watch as a big bad ass
jeep w/ no top or doors blew a new lil ford focus outta
the water, in fact, i didnt lose a single race last night,
i raced a few trucks, a motorcycle, which i never thought
i woulda beat, but i had the better lane choice, and he
kept havin to slow down. in between races and shit i was
just kinda takin it easy, talkin to some people in other
jeeps, and convertibles in general. i talked to alot of
cool people, and every one was talkin about how nice my
jeep was, it was cool as hell. one chick even asked me if
she could buy it from me on the spot. it was a good night,
had alot of fun, unfortunatley i prolly spent a lil too
much money, since im definitely goin to western now, and i
need to pay off some debts before i go, and save up enough
that i can make part of my jeep payments and insurance and
shit. im definitely gonna have to work while there, but it
shouldnt be too difficult. i also decided, if i cant make
the soccer team, which i really hope i can, then im gonna
join the frisbee team, a friend of mines brothers on the
team there. i didnt even know htey had a team for that.
but its cool, well im gonna go watch some tv now, peace