Little Girl Scout

Strawberry Gashes....
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2001-06-14 16:29:37 (UTC)


todays been really great....not alot of amazing things have
happened but its just been so funny!
ok...well our english teacher wasnt here :) yay....and in
this little room in his room(our english room) is this
plastic black and white hat...and flod made up this thing
bout it being his pleasure hat and that he does a little
dance in it for pleasure....but today @ break time flod
went and took it and David put it on and did this little
dance and god!it was soooooo funny!i love that hat.... :)
i have barely spoken to andy today...which is weird....but
im becoming indecisive again...and im wondering if maybe it
was better with us only being frends...cuz at the moment
were acting how we were before and there isnt much point
us "going out"....but i dont want to tell any 1 this cuz i
already have a "reputation" for only going out with ppl for
a week or less then spliting up with them :( god...i hate
my Brain!!!!grrr...
um...matt kinda spoke to me a bit today and he said he
doesnt hate me much :) which is good.... and gem were talking to mark smith in graphics and
mark said this guy he knew was a laugh and i was like grrr
i hate it when ppl say that...ppl rnt laughs...ppl r ppl!
and gem said the same thing at exactly the same time!it was
well freaky...we think so simarllary....*sigh*
um...thats going to pizza hut to
night...yay..yummy food! :)
Little girl Scout....