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Somewhat Pathetic Life
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2002-06-02 14:31:31 (UTC)

Younger boys...

Well, i kind of feel depressed actually. I went to this camp
last week and i got to know new people. I kind of have this
crush on this guy... but he's 2 years younger than i am!!
He's really cute and my friend says he likes me. At first, i
didnt have anything for him but you know, somehow u'd fall
for the guy... And somehow did... And, yesterday his friend
told me that he likes another girl who is younger than i am.
Also, younger than him. I was kind of crushed. WHAT DO I DO?
Maybe he likes me, maybe he doesnt?? Here i am, thinking
what if?? What if he really likes me... and i'm 2 years
older. I dont know what i'm feeling right now. I guess I'm
kind of heartbroken but i think he does kind of likes me..
And if we really do get together, poeple will talk.