sheesh ya fuck
2002-06-02 08:49:57 (UTC)

im belly uup startle it up..

im belly uup startle it up again you fucking whore..i know
the last i said it was the last its never going to
will last..the germs and the tightness of their pace. cant
keep up its always one needle to break the waves soo i can
breathe one last gasp its soo fucking perfect. while it
lasts..whats next whats next? a million sins in one spoon taste..exit the wrong way does it really matter
which way..i said no no no no no no no no no..i said it
evrey way my vocals could stretch and its burning behind
all these words all these days..catching up..snagging
evrey passport towards death thats what they all want i
see it all behind those shady eyes i am snapping at the
floor at the walls now..its all talking back..i cant help
but collapse. they see it all when your angry..i remember
then the sun fell through my secrets hardly now im
sunburnt now im peeling off layers of it.