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2002-06-02 07:53:08 (UTC)

What's new for Saturday

Well I did end up going to the lake on Friday but I came
home tonight thinking that I was going out of town on
Sunday but that ended up being cancelled so I was just in
the city for no good reason. So whatever, I went out to the
bar with my friend and told my sister to call my cell phone
if anything happened like her having a heart attack or the
garage burning down or something. So we went out and the
bar pretty much sucked. We left really early and when I got
out I checked my cell and it said that I had received a
call that I couldn't hear. Of course since my phone is all
crappy it can't say WHO called or WHEN... just that someone
called at some point. So I first thought it was my sister
but it turns out it wasn't her. I called my other friend to
see if it was her and she said it wasn't. She suggested
that maybe it was Dan and I figured well unless he's like
drunk or something somewhere and feels like being a jerk
probably not. To which she replied (unexpectedly) well he
was really really drunk last night.
Excuse me? Did I miss something?
She and my other frind who's going out with his best friend
went out to the bar with the best friend and him last night
and just didn't bother to tell me for whatever reason. I
kept asking her what we were going to do for her birthday
and she said she didn't know cuz she had to go to her
sister's dinner/dance thing for her grad last night and the
other friend said she was babysitting so we couldn't do
anything that night. Yah fine whatever then i guess i'll
just go to the lake since i'll juts sit at home and do
nothing anyway. uh... so somehow they neglected to
mention "oh yeah we are going out tonight after the dinner
dance with dan and sean but uh, we're not going to ask you
to come cuz we want dan to come more than you"...I even
talked to her today and she never said anything about it...
I asked her what she was going to do for her birthday and
she was like "oh we'll probably have a get-together and go
glow bowling or something this weekend coming up" so I
dunno. Whatever. I've been through this exact same
situation before - that's when I vowed for the FIRST time
that the next boyfriend I have will never be allowed to
meet my friends so that in the case that he turns out to be
a total and complete PIG I don't have to deal with my
friends lying to me cuz they wanna hang out with him more
than me. But unfortunately I figured, hey, these friends
aren't like my old friends, this guy isn't like that last
.... WRONG AGAIN I guess....
So yeah. At this point. Not terribly happy.
And, By process of elimination, I've figured that the call
on my cell phone was most likely him. Why the hell he'd
figure it was a good idea to phone me is beyond me. Unless
he was like drunk or stoned or something. *yea*
i fucking hate people in general really. i mean, it's not
really guys. Girls act the same damn way whenever guys are
somehow involved. Grrr.

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