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2002-06-02 06:38:05 (UTC)

Poem - "A Brief Exchange"

A candid cloud of silky smoke
Separates two scenes,
Hints and allegations creep
Through the air that lies between,
Unspoken words resound with might,
Too loud to even hear,
Foretold foreboding in form of farce,
Its message all too clear.
Not one nor two but countless times
Your crimes unwind the ties,
These ties they bind what went unbound
Through years of nightmare cries.
A brief exchange so quick to change
The story to be told,
Five blue in debt, no hand to bet,
You may as well just fold,
You’ve spent your last, the hole burns fast,
Your pocket hot to touch,
There goes that same analogy,
The words don’t change that much.
Pride be damned, the damage done,
But who will mend the seams,
What prowls beneath the pale wet paint,
It peers with eyes that gleam.
The feeble grass is flooding fast
And fear will find a friend,
No haste is made, no mountain moved,
The storm will never end.
The drunken cries and sinful sighs
Soon will cease to sound,
Two watchful eyes too wise to cry
For what lies on the ground.
The reel unravels fast as furies
Fight to take control,
Your muse in gear, the fuse burns near
The fear that fuels your soul.
Left out for dead to burn one day
When logs are running low,
Of peace and recent decency
No longer shall you know.