The Magical Toilet Paper Diary
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2002-06-02 05:47:27 (UTC)

i dislike betty page

i don't want to be mean and all, but i just hate this girl!
her name is betty. i went to summer camp with her and she
is sick!!!!

anyways, here r sum reasons why i hate her. i'm never goin
to that camp. i was in the same group with her too!!! she
was just too close too me....


anyways... here r sum reasons y i hate:

10 things i hate about betty (this should be a movie)

1. she eats paper. first she slowly rips them out of her
reading books... then cripples them and quickly snaps them
in her mouth.... ew.....

2. she picks her nose, badly trying to cover the scene with
her hand. then she covers her face with her bush of hair
and eats the boogers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ew!!!!!

3. another momment was when she stuck her hands in her
pants, ahem, skirt, and started rubbing in the... well... u
get the picture.

4. she eazedrops on peep's conversions... soooo annoying,
she tries to make it like she's our friends... errr

5. she bitten an eraser off a pencil (according to sum1)

6. she's ugggggly. she has glasses, brown skin, purple elbows, hairy,
has a bushy hair.... yuck

7. she tries to touch everything i have!!! ashley, u know. in our
room where we stayed at this summer camp of ours, she would keep
putting her stuff on mine, quite annoyin for me...

8. since this was part music camp, and since she was sitting next to
me, she kept trying to take her violin bow and swing it at me... she
was doing this weird circly movement around my chair and kept hitting
my chair.

9. she very, very, very interestin clothin...

10. she keeps starin at me from the corner of her eyes. angelica, u

srry ther's more than ten... hehe

11. one time, i looked over and she was bitting her nails. then she
took her nail part and stared pluckin her violin with it... ew

12. another time, she took my violin and put it below her hairy
legs... that was inappropriate...

13. another time, well a few times... she had a bloody napkin and
left it near me. once i reached for my folder, i wasn't lookin and i
touch.... u get the picture.

14. she's such a teacher's pet.... she's always talking to the
teacher's bringin them presents... errrrr

15. she tries to be smart, like i skipped grades, i'm in advanced
classes, but she ain't smart in my eyes....

16. ok.... i can go on... but srry, the lists too long, but you get
the point...



1.Hi Cilly! Oh, I know! Betty is a pain in the private
area.. As she picks at it.. It sounds sick and evil, but
she does it. She is so disgusting! I hate her!! She was
trying to eat and sniff her mute from her violin! EWWW! I
OUT)'s SSR books.. People, don't use them..
Don't be shocked if you find ripped, crinkled, or missing
pages! Betty eats them! YUCK!! She is so sick.. She needs a
new hairstyle.. LOL