2002-06-02 05:19:29 (UTC)

I GOTTA GETAWAY.................

Due to my lack of writing skills these days, I'm going to
stop using this online diary. I've become accustomed to it,
but I've also lost my flare to write things on paper. I
can't sit down and write a good letter to anyone. Emailing
folks has become my thang. I need to getaway from that...ya
know! Soon I'll be writing papers and what not, so I think
this is best. Really, after a while things became kinda
hard to put in here. I guess that's my fault because I gave
the link to this thang to a few folks. I found myself
biting my tongue on a lot of things because I was seeing
reaction to some of my entries. In some ways, this thing
helped out and in others, it was hell.

I don't know what the future holds for me....going back
to writing on paper.

This being my last entry, I guess I'll let my mind flow on
any and everything:

I worked today from 11-9. What was I thinking when I put
myself down for that shift. I don't know what pregnancy
feels like, but I was walking like I was expecting
something. My feet were killing me....and my back. Man, I
leave for Cancun in 5 days!!!!!!! You know what they
respect that! I'm so excited about this trip. I don't plan
to get sloppy drunk or anything, but I'm going to have a
good time. I hope there will be some fine niggas out there.
Ain't nobody getting no booty from me, but I'm gonna see
how many times I can sing "MY NECK, MY BACK, MY....." U
KNOW! After Cancun is gone, I'm not sure what all I'll be
doing for the summer....other than working. I want to plan
some weekends to go visit my cousin in Atlanta. I think I
need to start meeting some folks around that area. She
isn't a wild child, but she has her fun. She said she was
going to take me to get my first tattoo. She said after her
second year @ Gordon, she was going to transfer to GSU. I'm
not really scared about the whole transition I'm about to
experience. I'm excited and ready for the challenge. A lot
of people don't think I'm capable of making it up there,
but the people that tell me that....don't mean a thing to
me. As long as the right people think I'm going to do okay,
then I'm straight. I know GOD didn't destined me to go this
path for the wrong reasons. I feel like it is set and if it
gets messed up, then it's because of what I decided to do,
which would be the wrong decisions. Yeah, Atlanta moves
faster than M'ville, but you only get caught up because you
want to. I'm going to experience what the city has to
offer, but I don't want to get caught up. I feel like I've
made wise decisions so far....I'm capable of doing this.
Anyway, I'm not mad at Leroy. I really don't care anymore.
I mean, some people are going to be the way they are....I
can't change that. I can only tell myself that I don't
deserve to be caught up in how other people act. He's still
cool w/ me. He makes me laugh and smile. It's aight! Same
applies to Dee and Jacan. If I have something to say, then
I'll say it. There is no beef. --NO DRAMA-- **NO REGRETS**

......i'm out of here ain't no telling when i be
back................I got to get away............*MS. JLYN*