the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-06-02 03:20:59 (UTC)

My latest conversation

STaRbuRzt123: bahhhh
emmychloe: hehe
emmychloe: i just changed my profile :-)
STaRbuRzt123: yeh..i saw..
STaRbuRzt123: soo cool
STaRbuRzt123: we're BOTh just soo cool
emmychloe: hehe i love the u2 quote at the end
emmychloe: definitely
emmychloe: i luv ur avril lavigne quote
STaRbuRzt123: aww thats cute
emmychloe: hehe and of course the DC
STaRbuRzt123: yehh..how good is that one
STaRbuRzt123: yup..and BNL
emmychloe: yeah
emmychloe: i love BNL: "I'm so cool, to bad I'm a loser"
STaRbuRzt123: we both have th coolest profiles
STaRbuRzt123: yeh..
emmychloe: yupz
STaRbuRzt123: i was gonna put that one..but i put the other
one instead
emmychloe: yeah this ones good too
STaRbuRzt123: its all good
emmychloe: (ohh i found a pretty good quote i just added it
to my profile)
STaRbuRzt123: oo oo ..im gonna look
emmychloe: hehe kk
emmychloe: its thought provoking ;-)
STaRbuRzt123: awww..further seems forever
emmychloe: yupz
STaRbuRzt123: soo cute
emmychloe: i couldn't resist lol
STaRbuRzt123: kinda DEpressing though
emmychloe: yeah but i dunno
emmychloe: I like it
STaRbuRzt123: well we're both depressing ppl so its ok
emmychloe: yup
emmychloe: depressing, antisocial, and unmotivated
STaRbuRzt123: EXACTLY!
STaRbuRzt123: thats us!
emmychloe: perfect fit

yeah i just wanted to share that with all of you...just to
show how interesting we are.

on another note i'm gonna go write an actual entry