SuGaR RuSh
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2002-06-02 03:20:22 (UTC)

watch out 4 the tele pole lol

hello all...2day was good good ....i woke up @ like 8 cuz
the bed n dressers were commin 4 the up stairs and i wanted
2 c them so that all came it looks GREAT i love it...even
though it aint my rooms lol then aunt deb came over and
then we call went 2 look 4 curtins...i got a shirt and a
pair of shorts...2 CUTE! then i got 2 cheeseyburger and i
had honey mustard...andddd i had chinese last
nite..HEAVEN...thennn callie calls me and we were gunan
walk...then she calls me again...and shes like dyein and
was like "omg mike called me omg omg ahhh we r goin
sumwhere sorry ahh lol" and i was happie 4 her cuz she
really likes this kid mike even though she has a bf...but
hes an UF anywho...she calls back AGAIN and was like mikes
bringin a friend and he said 2 bring a friend i was
like woohoo im not gunna sit @ home 2 they came
and i met mike be4 but it was like yrs ago....and i saw his
friend...LORDY CHILD LORDY! he was just 2 cute lol so i was
like yaya 4 me we went like around the world n
back and then the last place we went2 was brentwood park
and mike was tryin 2 park and he fuckin hit a telephone
pole HAHAH he was goin nuckin futs cuz his dad woula KILLED
him if the car was messedup but it wasent so thats good
lol...but john (mikes hott friend) was actin funky all nite
so i dunno dawg but hes 2 cute! lol and i was talkin 2
callie after they left and she was like he is 2 cute and
be4 when we were @ the park she was like "DAMMM" LOL hmm
well....ohhyaaaa we got these 2 new pillows
em' well im outtieeeeee byeeeeee