Reality Bites
2002-06-02 03:14:22 (UTC)

Tired beyond belief

I had a all day cheer thing today---it was just a longgg
practice for 6 hours. We learned 3 dances and stunted and I
got myself a nice tan/burn going on now. It was long and
I'm hella tierd but it was fun we all laughed a lot.

I slept over Mia's last night and that was fun as always. I
love her mom, she's seriously my second mother, I can talk
to her about anything. Me and Mia just watched movies and
talked to Gabe who just had gotten back from the senior
trip and was very tierd. We also went out to dinner where
Marc works. He was so cute he took his break and ate with
us. I love that guy. We watched 'Someone Like You' last
night and it was SO cute!

So I was VERY Pmsie yesterday at school...I mean yesterday
was just a bad day in every way. I had the cramps going on
really badly...which by the way is supposed to not happen
since I'm on the pill but whatever, it did happen. And plus
I got back like 3 bad tests in different classes and it
kind of just hit me that I have finals in 2 weeks and I
might just need to start doing my homework and studying
cause summer school could be a definate possiblity. It's
not so much stressing me out right now tho cause I'm too
tierd to care lol. So anyways, then people were just very
needy yesterday too, you know what I mean? I walked in the
hallway in between like 4th and 5th and 6 differnet people
were calling my name to tell me or ask me something in a
span of like 30 seconds and I was like omg i cant deal.
Usually I can but cause of the mood I was in I just
couldnt. Also I have all this shit I needed filled out for
this school thing and I needed teachers to give me
reccomendations so THAT was also stressing on me but I got
that done by lunch. And after lunch I had my class with
Luke. It started out ok, but I don't know I was just
annoyed in general and I took it out on him. I didn't mean
to, and I yelled at him...i totally full on yelled at
him...needless to say he hasn't called me this weekend...I
need to make it up to him somehow, or at least apologize
cause I feel bad and I miss him. I don't know how I'm gonna
survive summer. I gotta go sleep---ttyl