2002-06-02 01:03:41 (UTC)

so i havent been home in..

so i havent been home in awhile.
and i havent written in here in a really long while.

i miss writing.

emilys here.
were attempting to decide what were doing tonight.

i want to play pool with jen. but i dont know if shell call
or not.

we made a friend today.
she wrote us a note.
she wants us =)
its funny.

i have to work tomorrow and i really dont want to go.

it seems like i never do, eh?

i work with him tomorrow too. blah to that.

im sleepy now. yup.

my parents are out getting drunk as usual.
they bother me.

im sad right now i think. i dont really know whats wrong so
theres no point dwelling on it.
i just...i dont know.
i need to get out of my house. bye.