2002-06-02 00:51:02 (UTC)


so im just here chilling..summer vacation whoppy doo
big deal not doing anything special. next year, i want to
go on a road trip all to miami. it'll be fun..from nyc to
miami. with some friends..alex is online. hmm it's saturday
nite and im not doing anything...i know v is wasting away
just like me, so im not feeling bad at all. im at and it's fun to see how much a room im getting mentally prepared for the moving out
time hehe.

i can't wait to move out

great parties

great sex w/ future boyfriend

hanging out w/ great friends

and just tons of fun!!!!!!!!!!

back to the bf thing...damn im such a hottie and i know
guys want me (ok that sounds conceited, but if u know me..u
know that im not at all conceited) yah so i have no problem
getting a man, but my stupid overprotected parents. well,
when i get out, it's gonna be a caged bird into the total
free atmosphere. i like it when im just hanging out and
hotties check me out...i dont blame them at so
full of youth and beauty..esp. with my great hair (thanks
V..i love ya) and my great 5'9" 110 lbs body and my cute
face and smile...and personality..yah that im
funny...which guy doesnt want me?

hey i got walt 2 like me..he thinks im the hottiest thing
that crossed the planet earth..and even though he has a gf,
i know that he still thinks about me and our wonderful
steamy summer fling last year... he ims me when he has a
chance...and i know he's dying to see me...damn that boy
was so great, i still think about him going down on me, and
it was such a like going crazy thinking bout him
in a sexual way....and how happy i would make him, but he
has a gurl but i know he'd rather be w/ me =)'s just
the whole distance shit, and if my 'rents were cool...we'd
be together right now, and we'd have a great relationship
and some great fucking along with that...damn i miss was funny..when i talked to him he said that he
was in finance class and he was thinking about's
wierd that i wouldn't care if he STILL has dirty nasty
fantasies about me and him in his's actually a
turn on for me that he has them..and if he gets off to me
still...i won't mind....i bet he still does haha he's been
working a lot so we dont get to talk much, but i know that
IM still on his mind..

bye for now