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2002-06-02 00:47:01 (UTC)


ok so I'm about to shove my cell phone straight up my ex's
ass.. sideways.

there needs to be a pamphlet or something you have to read
before you actually move in with someone... explaining in
detail what a pain in the ass it is to move back out... and
at the end of the pamphlet asking "Do you really want to do

yuck on that whole situation (the ex, aren't they supposed
to spontaneously combust when the relationship ends??) I'm

ok on to bigger and brighter things

wrote my father a rather large email, comparitively
speaking to all the others I've sent him.. telling him he
needs to get his ass in VA.. and telling him about my life
and how its changed.. my big sis already told him most of
it I'm sure.. she loves to be the first to talk.. but I
told him my version since I'm sure that ours differ... and
I told him how happy I was... it was funny cause after my
sis told him, he was like big surprise.. LOL dad you're an

the last 2 entries have been gushy mushy, and honestly this
ones not any different... so gush & mush... I'm really
happy.. a bit anxious, a little nervous.. but really happy.

So Yeah!

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