The lost little girl
2002-06-02 00:12:15 (UTC)

the mislead teenager in a life of ...who the hell knows...

ok, so i know i have to keep up on this..i mean to really, i
just forget stuff sometimes...i know i know..everyone does
but i have like..the memory of a goldfish..i forget where i
am every 3 seconds...well it's not THAT bad..but pretty damn
close. i'm not doing a whole hell of a lot. i'm just sitting
here downloading music...it's all STP, our lady peace, The
who, def leppard, the donnas...just stuff like that...i'm so
tired though..i had a rough night last night. i was up at
jimmie's with jimmie, jeff, kate, justin, liz, craig, and
our friend greg and chris showed up towards the end of the
i don't know what i am doing this week. i know i'm going to
kareoke, but that's nothing new. oh and my brother is coming
up this coming weekend...and also the seniors are graduating
next weekend. i'm going but i don't know how..i have to find
out who's going...anyways...i am gonna go...i will talk to
you all soon..love you - janie baby ( my new nickname)

daily quote:
( here's a few)

" she bit me!" - me
" that's cuz you taste good " - katy jane ( thursday night)
" big green monkey, everyone's a junkie" - our lady peace
"a bird may love a fish , senora', but where would they
live?"- Ever after

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