me, myself and i
2002-06-01 23:14:41 (UTC)

grad parties

Wow, time flies when ur having fun! haha… I’ve been so busy
these past weekends with going away parties, and graduation
parties and work… But summer is finally here. My junior
year kinda flew by… which in a way it’s a plus…but that
means senior year will probably go faster, and I don’t
think I’m ready to leave friends and go to college. I’m
going to cry when most of my friends leave this August.
I’ll miss them so much. My advise is to go as many
graduation parties as possible… mainly because u don’t’
know the next time u’ll see them again. *cry* There is so
much to do this summer, and so little time. It boggles my
mind. Also trying to keep in touch with everyone is always
the hardest part. Well I’m out