Jena's Rants
2001-06-14 12:33:52 (UTC)

Follow the leader............right off of the cliff!

I think it is so great when someone takes a cue from a
friend and decides to join them in telling the world just
how fucked up everything is in a very matter of fact
fashion, but they can still find humour in it and make it
enjoyable for all to read......where am I going with this
run on sentence you ask. King Herbage has begun his own
online journal. FINALLY!!! Yah! Now you can read another
journal that is full of finger pointing (the middle one
mind you) and crazy mutterings. I will give him publicity
on my website, we crazy muthafuckers need to stick
together. I finally got to see Hopinononefoot last night.
I missed him, it was very good to see him. I also got to
meet Herbal Remedy last night (good friend of
Hopinononefoot's). I was supposed to have met her like
many times before, but needless to say those times did not
bear fruit. (Or fruit flies) She seems like a very cool
chick, which is good b/c we need more cool chicks in this
bs society. I saw Mr. Rampant Philosophies in a light
never before seen by Jena's eyes. He was cuddling with
this girl, ummm - let me call her Abracadabra - cause she
has definitely got some kind of magik to make him act that
way. I dunno, I have gotten mixed messages about her. I
don't know. Oh dude, my mom has disappeared. We don't
know where she is. She will probably turn up in a couple
days with like indentations on her fingers from squeezing
credit cards while with shakey hands she leads it through
the swipey machine thingy followed by a loud ass "kaching"
that is strong enough to make the entire world tremble.
Her spending can compare only to the explosion of an atom